Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunshine's New 'Do

My daughter had decided to get rid of her locks again. I told her the last time I combed them out that I would not comb them out again. She decided to play with some shaved styles on the way. She is wearing one side shaved, then she'll do the other side, then the back, then I guess the rest. 
Here I am cutting the locks off. They had been tightened the week before so I couldn't just shave them off like I would have it they'd been loose. She wasn't nervous at all. She is truly my child. Hair grows back. *shrug*

This is pretty much what I do know. I'm the tam lady. It keeps me from having to constantly explain my freeform locks. I love them though. They are wild, lopsided, and rebellious!

Freshly shaven. We had to cut it pretty close, because I'd just latched it and we couldn't get rid of the partings. She didn't care one bit. I'm thinking of getting some clippers and cutting a design in or getting on cut into her hair at the barber shop. 

My Sun is clearly excited about his sista's new 'do!