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Friday, September 4, 2009

Color Purple...Girls Night Out!

My Mom got us together to go see the play/musical "The Color Purple". When I tell you that it is marvelous, honey please believe me! I left the theater wanting to see it again!!! We had so much fun together. We need to do this more often. Oh and as a side note, my husband bought my outfit for me awhile back on his own and I must say...I wear it well. Big Daddy has good taste.

My sister, mother, sister-in-law eating before the show.

Me, Mama, Sister

I forgot the take pictures when the food came to the table. It wasn't all mine, but I thought I'd share. LOL

Mama, Me, Sister-in-Law, Sister

Mama and The Aunts (I have dubbed my Mom's sisters The Aunts)


new2locs said...

Your mother is absolutely gorgeous & has beautiful gray loc's! You all look alike too! Too cute!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

JustLocs said...

Thanks new2locs, I hope I am just like her when I grow up. Mama is the bomb honey. She actually has cut her hair more than once. You can see pics of her at http://www.justlocscharlotte.com/hair_gallery. She is the only silver fox on the page.