Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, I seem to be ACV retarded. I tried the ACV rinse again last night with essential oils included. I thought I had done a good job...until my husband walked in. He walked in and said,"Oh, now it smells like vinegar and peppermint. Ugh!" Thanks Babe, good to have all that support. LOL People sing the praises of this stuff, but it seemed to make it crunchy. Oh well, maybe I will try it again another day some other way.

I spent some time yesterday undoing my last latching. I just don't like that "just done" feeling. I like to feel some roots. I know that isn't the norm, but I like it. I did twist it down last night so that it will have the chance to form into nice round lock. Now mind you, this will probably last about a week, because I hate that "just done look". "See" you later.

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