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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pescetarianism & Lacto-Ovo Vegetarianism

Pescetarians are people that don't eat meat other than fish and probably eat dairy and eggs. Lacto-Ovo(or the reverse) eat no meat, but do eat eggs, milk, butter, or stuff with those products in it.

Recently we watched a video on youtube called "Meet Your Meat". Don't watch it if you plan to continue to eat meat, it just won't be the same. Anyway, I believe in people being informed and so our family sat down and watched it together. Now, I know some will say that it is too violent for children. To that I say that as a society we allow children to constantly be exposed to things that are violent and not beneficial. This is violent, but it is true and beneficial. I realized that children often have no idea where their food comes from. Somehow there is often a disconnect between seeing a picture of a cow and knowing that he played a major part in the making of your hamburger. If we were in a third world country or on a farm our meat would not be so neatly and deceitfully packaged in cellophane. It doesn't even resemble the animal that it comes from.

The Bible gives us freedom to eat what we want, but people also perish for a lack of knowledge. God knows our end from our beginning. So the freedom to eat what we want or need to (I believe) was set for those who would be violently enslaved and forced to eat things that were inconceivable. He was looking out for those that wouldn't be able to honor those codes of the OT law.

Anyway, I am mostly lacto-ovo although I don't drink milk (I drink almond or soy milk), I do eat things with milk in it. Anyway, I feel a lot better and my innards thank me. I have stopped using canned veggies and I only use fresh or frozen. I would use more fresh veggies if my fridge weren't possessed. I would like to move more toward raw when I get a new fridge. My husband is a pescetarian, my son eats less meat (5 years old), my daughter is a pescetarian(8 years old), and I am mostly lacto-ovo although not completely opposed to eating fish. Nothing to do with hair, just thought I should share.

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