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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My freeform spirit

To update, I have joined locks together for a thicker look. I have changed from latching to palmrolling. I palmrolled them a few days ago, prior to that I latched a couple of weeks ago. I hated that latch so I took them loose. I hate the palmroll, but I am trying to leave it alone. I just don't like the feel. It makes me feel bound in some way. I feel like I am supposed to have nice neat locks, but I hate it when they are neat. When my roots are thick with no parts showing, I feel beautiful and free. The only problem is that then I become aware of what they think. You know the "they", the invisible people that we all know are there lurking with there stupid opinions. Anyway, just as my walk with Christ is deepening in ways I couldn't imagine I guess my hair, in a way, is reflecting that. I am getting more and more free in God and learning to just do what the word says and forget about the other stuff, same with my hair just letting it be what it is. It sounds easy, but man is it hard. It seems He never gives me the easy way out. The freedom, for my hair and spirit, is on the other side of peoples opinions. So I guess that once I get past people's opinions in both areas I will be as free as the wind. Thanks for "listening".

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HappilyNappilyNish said...

I feel you on this,this is truly a journey for the soul. Who knew that something as simple as hair would bring one closer to God.

Oh and I'm tagging you look for the rules on my blog :)