Random African Proverb

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am my hair!

I was lovin' India Arie until she made the song "I am not my hair". I still love her, but that was a little mainstream for me. I tried to get down with the lyrics, but no matter how I tried I just couldn't say the words. Yes, I am so much more than just hair, but I am my hair. I am my hair because history teaches me that it is the one thing that sets me apart from other races and people...it is special. My hair is an ornament of power and beauty. If unlocked it defies gravity. Some cultures say that locks are an antennae to God. Ascetics or holy people are often known simply because the wear the locks upon their heads. If it weren't important the bible would not speak of it. It's what I cover when God takes me through certain times in my life. I covered my hair from the day that my husband asked me to marry him until the day we got married. In many ways it is the way I am identified. It is a statement of my African heritage, my political stance, and my lesson in giving God control. It was the first thing that was taken when we were stolen and even used to torture the Rasta people. I am my hair and so much more, but I am my hair. Does this mean that we shouldn't love one another regardless of the exterior, no. I simply means that we are all special in our special way. I means that I don't have to assimilate to be loved or to love. I am so much more, but I am my hair.


Thandi said...

Your locs are all great. That's the kind of look that got me interested.If we had loctitians like you, if we just generally had more information, there'd be a loc revolution among the sistahs!

Tonia said...

Wow, this is why I love to read what your hearts write.........the things my heart will never know or feel.......and I feel closer to Cassidy and Zoe when I can read things like you write and see the meanings in things like hair....a true form of idenity. They are their hair, it is where they are grown out from, it is the beauty God imprinted on them......I feel blessed to see inside, from the outside where I stand. I know I will be a better mother because of you.