Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hair Molestion

I mentioned this in the last post. I addressed it from the point of HIHD. However, I was reminded today by a client about being HM or hair molested by others. Let me preface this by saying that I am REALLY old timey about people touching my hair. I HATE IT!!! It is just too personal. Now I don't mean people that are close to me, like my husband, but that is about it. Have you ever experienced HM by a perfect stranger? Do people feel like it is okay to just walk up and fondle your hair? If so please share with the group.

I was in church once and this girl kept walking up behind me flipping my hair. The first time I just told her to stop. The second time I explained to her that since she wasn't the one lying next to me when I woke up that morning that she didn't have the right to touch my hair. The third time...oh the third time...I yelled "stop it" and told her what I would do if she didn't. I am not saying that the latter was Christ-like behavior, but you have to draw a line somewhere. If you have experienced HM we are here to help. For further assistance please call
1-888-4HM-STOP. If you call, we can help. PS, this is just a joke for those of you who may have missed it. Oh, and I even added pics this time. I wanted y'all to see how my freeforming is coming. I am coming out of my shell, because I love y'all.

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Thandi said...

Your hair looks cool!!Thanks for the pictures. I'm so excited-just by seeing a couple of pics, I must be deranged LOL. I've never had anyone touch my hair-except a married man and I hated it cos his wife was there and he was saying how he liked my hair. I was so acngry with him. but that's another story.And that was when I was living the 'lye' so it doens't count.