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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hand in hair disorder can be very serious for sufferers, especially lock wearers in some sort of transition. HIHD is a serious disorder in which the individual has trouble keeping their hands out of there hair. It may also be commonly known as hair molestation. In most cases of afro wearer it is mostly harmless, but it can be a more serious issue for those wearing locks. In the case of lock wearers it may actually slow the locking process. The process is often slowed by tugging at buds, over styling, and twisting to often. It can cause major frustration in a couple of ways.

  1. After wearing traditional hairstyles in which constant maintenance is required, locking causes the wearer to have to reshape their normal behavior.
  2. Allowing hair to go through often unpredictable changes can be a challenge in a society where we like to control everything.
  3. Due to the stigmas that are still very prominent in this society, some may feel the compulsion to constantly twist and sometimes over twist edges.

In many cases the sufferer may have a flare up during the teenage stage of locking, when switching from latching to palmrolling or the reverse, and also when changing from traditional to free form or organic locks. I hope that this will be of some help to those that are suffering from HIHD or know someone who is. It is also my hope that this will be read with sense of humor and not taken seriously in the least. Live. Love. Laugh.


HappilyNappilyNish said...

Hair molestation you don't say...I suddenly feel very dirty. lol

Niada said...

my name is Niada and I have HIHD. lol, I like to feel the texture of my hair. The curls,bumps, to run my fingers through my waves, the joy that it is my hair w/o anything added, etc. I know my daughter has HIHD too. I will do my best to keep it to a minimum. Thanks

JustLocs said...

Group let's say hello to Niada. *Hello Niada* Niada, this is a disorder that hundreds possibly thousands of us fall victim to each year. LOL.

I love the feel of my hair too. I haven't twisted my locks in a while and I think that made my HIHD worse. Now I am constantly molesting my hair. Seriously, for years when I was a creamy crackhead, I didn't touch my hair for fear it would ruin the style. I am now 8 years clean.

NAPturALLBluT said...

Hello, my name is Angela, and I too suffer from a mild case of HIHD...ok let's be real. A BAD case of HIHD! I am constantly stroking them, running my fingers through them, flipping them...WOW! That DOES sound a LITTLE DURTY!

JustLocs said...

Group let's make Angela feel welcome. *Welcome Angela* Although I am freeforming, I still am a sufferer. We all have to take it one day at a time. LOL