Monday, December 22, 2008

Skin before and far

Here are some before and after pics of my skin. On the first one (hair down) you will notice lots of little break outs. That was the constant state of my skin, so that's why I used that pic. I have only been doing this for maybe a week (I have no sense of time, sorry), and there is already an improvement. I am a "picker" hence the scar on my neck and cheek. I am actively breaking that habit.


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, your skin in the first pic looks good. I only saw a couple bumps...but the last three pics have no blemishes and you are glowing...!

I'm sold on OCM!!!

JustLocs said...

Did you say that I was glowing? This time speak directly into the microphone. LOL I love OCM. I think this will be one to stick with. As far as my skin looking nice on the first pic, not really. See that was a pic just for my hair. I don't take pics a lot so it was hard to find one where you could see my skin up close. I had breakouts along both jaw lines and on both cheeks. Thanks for being kind though. LOL