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Monday, April 18, 2011

Freeform Support Group

Um...yea, so about that freeform. I have created a support group for myself, via youtube, of other freeformers. To be honest, I think my hair looks gorgeous. I did twist it for a wedding, but shampooed when I got home.

I'll give you this pic of the Queen Mother for free. Although, this pic is not that clear, I wanted to brag on Mama's hair. This was the first time I ever braided it, and I LOVE IT ON HER!!!

Fly, ain't she? Yes, she is.


Mama Violet said...

Beautiful hair X's two. You both look great.

Morenike said...

Thank you Mama Violet. Mama said she thinks she'll be locking soon. lol

Lovin Natural said...

You both look great! Mama rockin locs will be awesome!
Question, how long have you had your nose pierced? I love it and I really want to do mine. Did it take long to heal. Thanks!
Peace and Blessings!

Morenike said...

Thanks Lovin Natural. I got it pierced last May. It took a while, but I did some pretty crazy stuff that slowed the healing process like getting it caught in scrubby, taking it out too soon and too often, sleeping on that side of my face when I first got it...need I go on? lol

Thandi said...

I love how she's rocking her grey!