Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A lil something different


NubianLockedPrincess said...

Hi Girl! How are you? I know you and your family are blessed!

I have been following everybody quietly. This wedding planning thing is rough! I`am also planning my nieces wedding! LOL!

Your hair looks beautiful! I really love it!

Morenike said...

Hey Sis!!! I think everybody is SUPER busy these days. Well, I'm back to the fro because my niece is going natural. She wants to see my hair straight. I told her I would get it straightened when she is completely natural. UGH!!! It will be washed out after a picture is taken with her natural hair and my *gag* straight hair. lol

robinc said...

I am loving the micro bantu knots! IF my hair/locks were short enough, my patience would be done on the first twist.

Straight hair...you?! I have to see this. It seems when you first meet a person with locks, it is hard to imagine/get used to seeing them without.

love,peace&sunflowers ~robinc