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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am ashamed.

Okay, so let me go on and admit my guilt. I twisted my hair. Now, let me be clear. It was because I was unable to keep my hair moist and I started noticing breakage. My hair is not very thick to start with, so that last thing I need is breakage. Well, maybe breakage is a little dramatic, but there was shedding and as a long time locker I am not accustomed to seeing that. It made me quite uncomfortable. I will, however, give this another shot in the spring, summer, and fall (I am a descendent of a tropical people, so my genetic code is for warm weather. LOL). My intention is to twist when the weather is cold and freeform when the weather is nice. I know, it sounds a little indecisive. Maybe even a little double minded, but there is a method to my madness.

WARNING: Whining is about to begin.

I do not like my hair twisted. I liked my puffy roots. I liked my hair doing whatever it pleased. I don't like this at all. Look at my scalp. I look bald. Probably, because I haven't seen my scalp in so long, but still. The "Plucked Chicken" look is not sexy. I feel really stuck right now. I know that a lot of people are going to be really happy to see what seems to be a change of mind, but WAIT! It's not so. I will be a nappy headed little black child again. My hair apparently hates winter, and this is simply a protective measure.

Okay, I'm finished. Now comfort me in my time of grief at the loss of my roots.

Oh, and as for the blemish on my forehead. I am a picker. I indeed made a mountain out of a mole hill. It was a teeny barely noticeable bump...until I noticed it. I messed and wasn't satisfied until I had a mark on my face. After I made the mark, I felt like an addict that just fell of the bandwagon. Y'all pray for me, I need help. Now, we can see if this stuff (OCM) helps to get rid of marks too.

Okay, now you may resume comforting me.


Ittybitty said...

I saw your comment on YT and like a duh duh I hit remove instead of reply. I think the chemcials from the color gave me the case of the stupids *lol* Anyway I had to check and see what happened. Don't be hard on yourself for keeping up with the betterment of your locs. I understand about not liking the scalpy look, I know that's what really made me consider going freeform cause I can't stand seeing my scalp all the darn time. especially now that I colored my roots *sigh* I can't wait for some more new growth. Please believe and trust your locs still looks great and summer is nearly around the corna...chin up sis! hugz n blessings. :)

JustLocs said...

Thanks honey, because I keep looking at my hair with much malice. I love my locks, but I am somewhat spoiled and still struggle when things don't go my way sometimes. LOL I am too old to be acting like this.

HappilyNappilyNish said...

Your hair looks great, nice and healthy. Girl stop tripping you know what winter does to our hair! lol Before you know it you'll have nappy roots again!

new2locs said...

You po baby you goin through a thang ain't you! I hope this comment helps to make you feel better I like your hair both ways!

Meikmeika said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with what you did. Matter fact, I think it's genius changing your method according to the season. You see, if I could go without a retightening for 3 to 4 months at a time I would be in heaven. I myself, don't have thick hair and hate seeing my scalp after retightenings. Due to the smallness of Sisterlocks I look more like a plucked chicken...hehe...but I'm always in fear of breakage, not to mention the cost of the retightening...phew!!

You know your hair and what's best for it...so just keep doing what you do... I'm loving your length!