Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Hair?

We have all said this phrase at least once. Being that I have always LOVED hair, I have probably said it more than the average person. I must admit, however, that my view of "good hair" has change immensely. Since I have fallen deeply and passionately in love with natural hair, I love to see thick, tightly coiled, course hair. That is the kind of hair that does exactly what I want it to do every time like clock work. I, however, don't have this hair, my hair is just weird and middle of the road. It is so strange how our opinions changed when freed from the ideals that have been presented to us in our culture. It doesn't mean that we should hate other hair textures, it simply means that whatever God has given us that is still on our heads is good.

There is a very special lady that is part of the the lovinlocs forum that I am a part of that is Caucasian and has adopted two beautiful African American princesses. She has experienced first hand the nasty attitudes that people have toward tightly coiled hair. She is one of the few, the proud, and the brave however. Many people of other cultures have a difficult time understanding what the big deal is. I was a little offended at this conversation that is so sensitive taking place in such a public forum (a movie), but then I thought maybe it will change some minds, tell me what you all think. I may post some other vids on this subject, because we all have our stories. Let me know what you think.


Thandi said...

This is all quite interesting to me.Here the concept has never been an issue, I wouldn't even know 'good' hair if it hit me in the face!Maybe it's cos so few of us are mixed race? Thanks for these kinds of posts!

JustLocs said...

Here it can be quit a touchy subject. We may have problems with light and dark skinned African Americans. It may be "good hair" "bad hair" or whatever. A lot of the mine set comes from slavery. There is a really good book called "Hairstories". It is really good. Here we don't even know where in the huge continent of African our ancestors come from. We are the only people that identify with a continent, because we have no idea where we come from. I am going to have a DNA test done. All that to say hair is a big deal here to say the least.

Evelyn Prather said...

This was very interesting. But I got a little upset because it seems like straight hair is still considered "good hair", when the truth is, our natural hair is good too. I hope that people do learn something from this documentary. Great post!