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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Neem Oil Stank!

Yes, I said "stank" and I mean it. I have never smelled anything so raunchy. I see now why it is at the bottom of most ingredient lists. I put a very small amount in a skin oil that I made for my husband and it is the baseline smell in the oil. Baseline meaning that you don't really smell it at first, but it is that lingering odor after the obvious smell. It seems to be good in my OCM oil, but of course I don't keep it on my face. Just thought I would share.

By the way if you are considering buying some, it is cheaper at the garden store than if you buy it from the cosmetic section. It is the same stuff, but it is almost twice as expensive.


Thandi said...

Ha ha ha!! Hubby went through a hives problem and we read that Neem really helps, but that it stinks! Now I believe it!

Ittybitty said...

Oh yes the oil sure does STANK! *Pew!* I use it in my hair oils and shampoos. I try to use the powder when all possible especially when I make my face masks and stuff.