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Friday, February 20, 2009

Head Wrap

Kay Exquisite, I am going to post the pictures tomorrow if I have the chance. I finally bought some batteries for the camera. Here are the $5 head wraps that bought from Walmart. Well, they are supposed to be worn as scarves, but y'all know how we do. LOL

So this is one of the stretchy ones that is new for me, because I haven't had one like it before. It doesn't hold all of my hair, but I like it this way because it still keeps my hair out of my face and off my back. I never thought that hair down my back would bother me, but when you are sitting (especially driving) and your hair keeps getting stuck behind you it can become quite the bother. Anyway, I know you all will let me know what you think about my new look. LOL


Thandi said...

LOL! Looks good.But I may be biased!

Kay exquisite said...

looks great... can't wait!

Trina said...

Very cute! May I ask where you purchased your earring? I've been looking for a couple of pairs like that. Thank you!

JustLocs said...

I actually made those if you are talking about the wooden ones and the orange ones. I bought the stuff for it at Micheal's. It took about 20 minutes to make both and that was without even having the right tools.