Thursday, February 26, 2009

Relaxers a.k.a Creamy Crack

This will be really short. The other day I had a client that had a protective style in for some time. Of course when we removed the style there was a lot of shedding, because she hadn't been combing her hair over the past few months. Anyhoo, my drain got clogged. Guess what I put in the drain last night to clear it. You guessed it. Relaxer. I got up this morning and ran some water in the sink and it was clear. It's like I have a brand new sink. Thank you creamy crack. For once it saved me some money. Oh and by the way if any of you use curling irons. If you heat them up on the low setting and apply relaxer it will clean them like new.

Monday, February 23, 2009

400 Years Without A Comb

I tried to embed the video, but I couldn't. I also put it in the video bar or quick reference in the future. Please view these videos and let me know what you think.
Part 1


Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Friday, February 20, 2009

Head Wrap

Kay Exquisite, I am going to post the pictures tomorrow if I have the chance. I finally bought some batteries for the camera. Here are the $5 head wraps that bought from Walmart. Well, they are supposed to be worn as scarves, but y'all know how we do. LOL

So this is one of the stretchy ones that is new for me, because I haven't had one like it before. It doesn't hold all of my hair, but I like it this way because it still keeps my hair out of my face and off my back. I never thought that hair down my back would bother me, but when you are sitting (especially driving) and your hair keeps getting stuck behind you it can become quite the bother. Anyway, I know you all will let me know what you think about my new look. LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Hair?

We have all said this phrase at least once. Being that I have always LOVED hair, I have probably said it more than the average person. I must admit, however, that my view of "good hair" has change immensely. Since I have fallen deeply and passionately in love with natural hair, I love to see thick, tightly coiled, course hair. That is the kind of hair that does exactly what I want it to do every time like clock work. I, however, don't have this hair, my hair is just weird and middle of the road. It is so strange how our opinions changed when freed from the ideals that have been presented to us in our culture. It doesn't mean that we should hate other hair textures, it simply means that whatever God has given us that is still on our heads is good.

There is a very special lady that is part of the the lovinlocs forum that I am a part of that is Caucasian and has adopted two beautiful African American princesses. She has experienced first hand the nasty attitudes that people have toward tightly coiled hair. She is one of the few, the proud, and the brave however. Many people of other cultures have a difficult time understanding what the big deal is. I was a little offended at this conversation that is so sensitive taking place in such a public forum (a movie), but then I thought maybe it will change some minds, tell me what you all think. I may post some other vids on this subject, because we all have our stories. Let me know what you think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Wraps

I just wanted to share these pictures with you all. I bought some $5 wraps from Wal Mart (the pink one). They are a lightweight summer fabric with sequins sewn on. The brown one that my daughter has one is more of a lightweight sweater fabric. It is really easy to wrap because it stretches so much. Anyway, enjoy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Neem Oil Stank!

Yes, I said "stank" and I mean it. I have never smelled anything so raunchy. I see now why it is at the bottom of most ingredient lists. I put a very small amount in a skin oil that I made for my husband and it is the baseline smell in the oil. Baseline meaning that you don't really smell it at first, but it is that lingering odor after the obvious smell. It seems to be good in my OCM oil, but of course I don't keep it on my face. Just thought I would share.

By the way if you are considering buying some, it is cheaper at the garden store than if you buy it from the cosmetic section. It is the same stuff, but it is almost twice as expensive.